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Lecturas para CEOs, emprendedores y otros caballeros Jedi (1-7 de octubre)

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How Close Is Turing’s Dream of Conversational Machines? (SINGULARITY HUB)

The quest for conversational artificial intelligence has been a long one. When Alan Turing, the father of modern computing, racked his considerable brains for a test that would truly indicate that a computer program was intelligent, he landed on this area.

Facebook loses attention as publishers shift focus to other platforms (DIGIDAY)

Facebook is often used interchangeably with platform domination. But some publishers are shifting their attention beyond Facebook. In interviews, several revealed they’re either spending less time on Facebook either in absolute or relative to time they’re spending on other platforms.

15 Transformative Creative Ideas That Changed the World Over the Past Year (ADWEEK)

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 18.19.45.png
Purpose-based advertising has delivered some of the most powerful work of the past years, with campaigns like “Fearless Girl” from State Street Global Advisors and “Boost Your Voice” by Boost Mobile dominating recent award shows.

Infographic: Shoppable Media Is Transforming How Consumers Find and Then Buy Products (ADWEEK)


From click-to-buy buttons on Pinterest to “swipe up” directives on Snapchat, the shoppable media ecosystem is growing at a rapid pace, making it easier than ever for advertisers to place products in front of consumers on the platforms they look to for inspiration.

Katzenberg’s Big Ask: $2 Billion for Short-Form Video Project (THE NEW YORK TIMES)

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook and went looking for investors, his so-called first round of financing was for $1 million. When Travis Kalanick sought financing for Uber, he persuaded investors to ante up $1.25 million. Reed Hastings of Netflix raised $2.2 million.

New Test to Provide Context About Articles (FACEBOOK)

Today we are starting a new test to give people additional context on the articles they see in News Feed. This new feature is designed to provide people some of the tools they need to make an informed decision about which stories to read, share, and trust.

Marketing collaborations with YouTube influencers (HUFFINGTON POST)

Together with YouTube and Nielsen, my team analyzed the results of hundreds of brand and creator videos in the U.S. and the U.K. to understand the impact of influencers for brands.

Siri prepara su batalla contra un ejército de ‘chatbots’ (RETINA, EL PAIS)

Siri acaba de enfundarse su nuevo disfraz de humano. Ahora, lo que escuchamos al otro lado del iPhone o del iPad suena menos robótico y tenemos la posibilidad de escoger entre una voz femenina o masculina que además traduce varios idiomas en tiempo real y acepta consultas por escrito.
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