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Lecturas para CEOs, emprendedores y otros caballeros Jedi (17-23 de septiembre)

Estrenamos sección nueva. Cada sábado ofreceré una selección de enlaces interesantes para directivos y emprendedores que están innovando dentro de sus organizaciones.

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The New York Times

Best Buy’s secrets for thriving in the Amazon Age

While running errands the other day, I ducked into a local Best Buy to pick up a pair of new headphones. What I saw inside was shocking. Happy-looking people were huddled around tables filled with the latest gadgets from Microsoft and Apple. The video game aisle was bustling… SEGUIR LEYENDO

– – – – –


The music business is growing again — really growing — and it’s because of streaming

Familiar song, new tempo: Music streaming is big, and getting bigger fast. Digital downloads are falling off a cliff. SEGUIR LEYENDO
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Why Signal Planning Is the Most Compelling Media Planning Innovation in Decades

There are still a lot of brands that define their consumers based on age, gender, income and education, which is how audiences have been measured since Arthur Nielsen started measuring radio listenership in the ’40s and TV viewership in the ’50s. Back then diaries were sent to U.S. SEGUIR LEYENDO

El Español

Hasta el infinito y más allá: así es Pixar por dentro

Tenía 10 años cuando se estrenó Toy Story. Por aquel entonces nadie sabía que aquella película haría historia. SEGUIR LEYENDO


The Year’s 23 Best Media Plans, From Netflix and Hulu to GoPro and Google

With a constant stream of information inundating consumers at every turn, it’s becoming harder than ever for advertisers to reach their target audiences in meaningful ways. That’s where our Media Plan of the Year honorees come in. SEGUIR LEYENDO 

The New York Times

Who’d Create a P.R. Crisis on Purpose? Well, Only the Sweat Was Real

Just as I was stammering out some version of “no comment” to a reporter from BuzzFeed, my editor was about to field a call from The New York Post. SEGUIR LEYENDO


Why More Brands Are Adding Young Influencers to Their Marketing and Creative Teams

In late August, influencers including 15-year-old Loren Gray (6.5 million Instagram followers), 16-year-old Nia Sioux (4.5 million Instagram followers) and 13-year-old Jacob Martin (309,000 Instagram followers) began touting a new clothing collection they designed for Target. SEGUIR LEYENDO
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